Margareta Mörner: Psychotherapy convention in Stockholm. May 2000

A "Psyche Campaign" was inaugurated in Sweden in September last year and will continue for one year. The campaigns goal is to facilitate mental disturbed people being integrated and accepted in society instead of being considered as people, who, of different reasons, one alienates oneself from as strange and frightening. There has been and will continue to be a lot of events during the year involving well known professionals from the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic world and from cultural life as well as people who are or have been psychiatric patients.

Due to this campaign The National Psychotherapy Association of Sweden (Riksföreningen PsykoteraiCentrum) and The Psychotherapy Institute (Psykoterpiinstitutet) in Stockholm have taken initiative to hold a Swedish psychotherapy convention - the first in Sweden and maybe the first in Europe. Invitations to participate have gone to all sorts of organisations and institutions which work with psychotherapy. The result is a full-packed three day programme. The programme contains a variety of psychotherapies for children, adolescents and adults, individually and in groups and includes family psychotherapy. All of the organisation which have licensed psychotherapist as members are represented. The lecturers are representing both the public and the private sector.Psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are well represented. Examples of the seminars which are available:

Group psychotherapy: An effective treatment method for patients with sexual childhood traumas

Group analytic psychotherapy - a method for many?

Why child analysis?

Among drapers and projections: Psychotherapeutic work at an infant care centre

Psychotherapy with refugee children

Parent psychotherapy

A dialogue about time and short term psychotherapy

"In The Long Run" - workshop about a newly published Swedish book on psychoanalytic long term psychotherapy.

Can´t it go any faster? Concerning the effects on long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Young adults in the psychotherapy room- the problem of the false self

About compassion and care- development of an emphatic ability from a psychoanalytic perspective

The list above is only a very little selection from the very rich and impressive programme.
EFPP will be represented through the participation of three of the Swedish delegates, Inger Larsson, Gerd Sundblad and myself. We will return with a report on the convention in the next Newsletter.


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