Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy under the magnifier: about fundamentals, therapeutical effects, efficiency and actual status of research

The Adult section and the Child & Adolescent section of the EFPP Switzerland have published a common paper titled It contents a row of articles dealing with different complex of questions about essence and purpose of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, its efficiency, efficacy, expediency, actual state of research etc.

An Argumentum on behalf of psychoanalytic psychotherapy
What is psychoanalytic psychotherapy?
Special features of child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Is psychoanalytic psychotherapy effective?
Is psychoanalytic psychotherapy expedient?
Is psychoanalytic psychotherapy efficient?
Which kind of training is necessary for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists?
State of research of Psychoanalytic psychotherapy: Are there any data and facts?

The preliminary chapter displays, apart from further essential conceptions, the importance of the unconsciousness and the relationship between patient and therapist. The text following deals with the special features of child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a therapy, which has to be different in many a way from the treatment of adult patients.In the next three chapters terms like 'efficacy, expediency and efficiency' are discussed. In the section concerning with efficacy not only methodics for the controlling of efficacy are outlined, but also the criteria for the evidence and the strongness of the theurapeutical effect. The expediency chapter reflects on the aim of therapy and the question, under which circumstances psychoanalytic psychotherapy is indicated. How can psychoanalytic psychotherapy be estimated in its efficiency? Is it expensive and nevertheless efficient? Arguments about this controverse question are answered in a discriminating way at this place. The training standards of the EFPP are subject of the next chapter. It shows in detail the long and in the general public unknown extensive period of training, taking up to six years after basic studies. The last chapter dealing with the state of research is of a special relevance. It underlines how important the research work for years has been and what wealth of results it has produced. In spite of some weak points, these results corroborate psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a method of therapy of global approval.The purpose of this Argumentum is to be used in discussions with competent persons working in the sector of Public Health (public authorities, health insurances), either by using it as an argumentation help or by passing it on supplied with additional comment.


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last modified: 2001-07-25