executive meeting inWarsaw, Poland,
November 2008

Warsaw was quite beautiful in mid-November 2008 when the EFPP Executive gathered for the penultimate meeting in the term of office of this committee. The early darkness helped the city silhouette the light of the first snow of winter to give a lasting image of a city rebuilt and at peace with itself. Poland is a member of both Adult and Child Sections of EFPP and Warsaw was selected as the place in which and from which we could explore new possibilities for the developing EFPP and indeed fulfilling one of the priorities of this executive; further integration of countries from Central and Eastern Europe. The executive committee meets twice yearly, the EFPP Delegates meet bi-annually, so with at most five meetings every two years much committee work is done between meetings, beforehand in preparation for and afterwards in follow up to the actual meetings. During this session of the Executive we met twice in the centre of Europe, Berlin, once in the West, Copenhagen and once in each of the cities of the old East; Zagreb and Warsaw.

Three members of the Executive Committee, two from the Child &Adolescent Section and one from the Adult Section arrived a day before the official date of the executive meeting so that they could spend time with Polish Delegates and their colleagues. The development and strengthening of personal relationships has always been considered the life-blood of our organisation. This recent networking facilitated the reality of Krakow hosting the first combined section conference in 2011 with the title "Siblings: Rivalry and Envy - Coexistence and Concern".

Principally this was a business meeting, a very busy one at that, particularly in view of the major structural changes that will take place in Kortenberg in March 2009. In fact these changes have implications for all sections of EFPP, necessitating more discussion and consequently demanding more time on each agenda item along the way.

First up, after the introductory items was the financial report. EFPP now has a Euro account; new bands of membership fees were proposed and agreed for 2009/2010. Fees for the delegate’s meeting were also agreed and full information on the financial situation of EFPP will be available to all delegates in Kortenberg.

Reporting on the preparation and planning for the delegates meeting was extensive and the generosity of the help already available to the committee and hospitality promised to us was acknowledged.

Voting procedures had to be thoroughly dissected in view of the up coming changes. This was a time consuming item and the Treasurer and Adult Section co-ordinator volunteered their services to do the necessary follow up work. This involved an examination of legal aspects and consequent implications for the preparation of resolutions for voting on constitutional changes at the delegate’s meeting..

The Series Editor, Dimitris Anastasopoulos reported on the EFPP Book Series, more books are in the pipeline for 2009.

The Prague Conference report was welcomed, preparations are set out in the time frame and we look forward to a successful event with hopefully sufficient participants to make sure it will be financially viable.

The first PCFP Conference "Families in Transformation: A Challenge for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy" will be held in Florence, possibly in May 2010 and the first announcement about this will be available at the delegates meeting in Kortenberg.

Arrangements are well in hand for the fourth section; Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy and the last meeting of the working party will take place in Hyères in February 2009 at the Congress appropriately titled; “Nouvelles identités familiales. Nouveaux myths, nouveaux rituals: naissance adolescence passages generationnels. Un défi pour les familles et les institutions.”

The report on contacts with Central and Eastern was most encouraging and shows increasing collaboration and connection with countries that do not yet have membership. Bulgaria, Turkey Cyprus will be invited to send observers to the Delegates Meeting in Kortenberg. Georgia is in communication with the Adult Section Co-ordinator about a proposed summer school. We were pleased to have a fringe meeting scheduled with members of the Polish Group Analytic Society on Sunday morning. Efforts for trainees continue with several propositions brought forward for future discussion. Nick Midgley has agreed to become co-ordinator of the EFPP Research Workshop Group. The report from the Infant Observation Workshop is already available on the website.

The meeting had a fruitful brainstorming session and a rigorous discussion about the “Aims and Identity of EFPP” as an organisation ensued. A robust debate that is set up to continue at the Kortenberg Meeting and indeed may continue well into the lifetime of the next session of the Executive.

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