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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research: Practice Based Evidence and Evidence Based Practice.
Raymond A. Levy, J. Stuart Ablon, Horst Kaechele. New York, Humana Press, in press, 2011.
Download of table of contents (pdf 115 kB)

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: A Systematic Review of Psychoanalytic Approaches
was written by Dr. Eilis Kennedy and published in May 2004 by the North Central London Strategic Health Authority . It contains a systematic review of the research evidence for the effectiveness of psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapy. It concludes that there is evidence to support the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for children/young people with a range of psychological disorders. Beneficial effects are shown with treatment on a variety of outcome measures and many studies showed that improvements were sustained or even enhanced at long-term follow up. Download (pdf 1.5 MB)

Process and Outcome research in Child, Adolescent and Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: A Thematic Review
was written by Dr. Eilis Kennedy and Nick Midgley and published in March 2007 by the North Central London Strategic Health Authority . The aim of this second review is to look more broadly at other research, not captured in the first review but nonetheless of relevance to those working psychotherapeutically with children. In order to give some focus to what is a wide area of research, this review is limited to research in three distinct areas, namely the process of psychoanalytic child psychotherapy, child and adolescent research in a clinical setting, and parent-infant psychotherapy. The publication also includes a substantial glossary of many of the measures and assessment tools referred to in each section of the review. Download (pdf 1.5 MB)


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