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The research group is an ongoing interest group, whose purpose is to support and stimulate the interest for clinical research in the EFPP. The Executive of the EFPP appoints the coordinator of the group. This can be thought of as a small group of people with a special interest and experience concerning the link between clinical work and research. The group offers itself to be used by researchers, clinicians and national conference-organisers as a reflective forum concerning matters of research. In relation to the EFPP-conferences, the coordinator of the research group organises and chairs the ongoing workshop concerning research.

Clinical research is understood as any systematic attempt to explore, investigate or document psychotherapeutic and clinical concepts, issues and results, no matter whether the scientific method used is qualitative and/or quantitative, conceptual and/or statistical, single case and/or group based.

Members of the group are

Nick Midgley (research coordinator)
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in the National Health Service UK; Clinical Tutor at the Anna Freud Centre/University College London; lecturer at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex; joint editor (with Eilis Kennedy) of Process and Outcome Research in Child, Adolescent and Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: A Thematic Review (NHS London, 2007), and of the forthcoming book, Child Psychotherapy and Research: New Approaches, Emerging Findings (Routledge).

Liselotte Grünbaum
Reg. MSc of psychology (Copenhagen University); specialist and supervisor of psychotherapy and children psychology, MDPA; supervisor and teacher the Danish training programme of child- and adolescent psychotherapists, DSPBU; private practice in Copenhagen; formerly coordinator of EFPP Child- and Adolescent Section; main research interest concerns qualitative methods and clinical conceptual research, especially the clinical case study; published a number of articles in this area.

Edith Lecourt

Rolf Sandell
Fil.dr. (psychology, Stockholm University); professor (emeritus) in clinical psychology at Linköping University; visiting professor, University College London; psychoanalyst in private practice in Stockholm; psychotherapy researcher

Siv Boalt Boëthius
PhD, professor (emerita), Stockholm University; licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst; was chair of the EFPP in the period 2003-2007; main research areas are child psychotherapy research and social processes in groups and organizations. Published a number of works in these areas.



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