MEDEA – Femininity, Motherhood, Love and Hate

The conference MEDEA – Femininity, Motherhood, Love and Hate will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, October 19-20, 2018.

The Committee of Women and Psychoanalysis writes: “We choose this title because "Medea" - from Colchis, today a part of Georgia - as a mythical figure, represents a universal and multifaceted archetype-a symbol and thus is an image of a powerful, omnipotent, pre-oedipal god-mother, is repressed into the unconscious of every female. In this sense the myth of Medea is a part of our intellectual, cultural and symbolic heritage.

The overall theme "Medea" covers many COWAP issues: topics related to issues mainly concerning women, but also relations between men and women, masculinity and femininity in modern times, the outside world and its problems, the socio-cultural point of view and the reflection of psychoanalytic concepts.” The conference will host international but also regional speakers to enhance Psychoanalysis and the support of women's issues in Eastern Europe.