EFPP Book Series

Supervision and Its Vicissitudes

Edited by Brian Martindale
with a Foreword by Robert S. Wallerstein

Editorial Committee: Margareta Morner, María Eugenia Cid Rodríguez, Jean-Pierre Vidit.
Contributors: K. Gordon (Sweden), L. Grinberg (Spain), R. Langs (USA), D. Lloyd-Owen (UK), M. Martínez del Pozo (Spain), P.-Chr. Miest (Switzerland), V. Sedlak (UK), U. Streeck (Germany), I. Szecsödy (Sweden).

Volume 2, 1997, Paperback, 192 pages, ISBN 1 85575 161 5, £19.99
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A collection of papers dealing with supervision.


EFPP Monograph Series

What is so beautifully exemplified in this entire sequence of chapters that I have depicted is how supervision, a process conceptually grounded in the psychoanalytic understanding of mental functioning, is nonetheless a distinct process of its own, applicable generally to the whole range of helping situations from the psychoanalyses carried out by the most intensively trained, to the nursing care and emotional support from caregivers in settings for the dying - although, of course, in each of the settings described in these various chapters.
Robert S. Wallerstein, from his Foreword

Previous publications on supervision have often stressed the poverty of the literature available. We hope that this publication will contribute to the evidence that the topic of supervision is one that is now undergoing an exciting phase of much more open investigation and conceptualization. These developments in supervision should lead to considerable benefits in the coming years for those who work in public health settings, where they are exposed to powerful psychological and emotional strains in themselves and their patients, as well as to those who offer formal psychotherapies in both public and private settings.

Brian Martindale, from his Editor's Introduction


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