EFPP Book Series

Research on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adults

Edited by: Richardson, Phil et al (Eds).
Contributors: Anthony W Bateman, Peter Fonagy, Ines Gitzinger, Ralf Grabhorn, Tilman Grande, Johan Grant, Dorothea Huber, Thorsten Jakobsen, Burkard Jäger, Horst Kächele, Wolfram Keller, Guenther Klug, Peter Köhler, Werner Köpp, Peter Malewski, Kingsley Norton, Claudia Oberbracht, Camilla Renlund, Phil Richardson, Gerd Rudolf, Rolf Sandell, Silke Schmidt, Bernhard Strauss, Jörn von Wietersheim, Fiona Warren.

Volume 7, 2004, Paperback, £19.99

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Volume 7 in the EFPP Series that aims to promote the pan-European community of psychoanalytic psychotherapists. The contributors come from different cultures but are united in their view of the importance of empirical research in psychotherapy. The chapters examine issues as varied as treatment of eating disorders, the differences between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, treatment outcomes of group psychotherapy, and treatment of borderline personality disorders.

Description: EFPP Monograph Series
'This is a pioneering volume of work in progress. It is clear from the variety of findings reported in this stimulating volume that many of the traditional ideas concerning psychoanalytic psychotherapy will need to be revised.' Peter Fonagy from the Foreword PHIL RICHARDSON (UK) is a clinical psychologist and qualified as a psychoanalyst with the British Psychoanalytical Society. He is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Essex and Head of Psychology at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust where he is also Director of the Psychotherapy Evaluation Research Unit.

HORST KÄCHELE (Germany) MD is a Specialist in Psychotherapeutic Medicine and a psychoanalyst (IPA). He is full professor and Chair of the Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine at Ulm University; he also directs the Centre for Psychotherapy Research in Stuttgart. He is a member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research.

CAMILLA RENLUND (Finland) is an Adult Psychiatrist and a member of the research team of the Helsinki Psychotherapy Study, a randomized psychotherapy outcome study. She also works as a psychoanalyst in private practice in Helsinki and is an Associate Member of the Finnish Psycho-Analytical Society.


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