EFPP Book Series

Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy: The controversies and the future

Edited by Serge Frisch (senior editor), Robert D. Hinshelwood and Jean-Marie Gauthier.

Contributors: Karin Bell, Marilia Aisenstein, Jean-Marie Gauthier, Prophecy Coles, Salomon Resnik, Bernard Golse, Antonio Suman, Antonino Brignone, Douglas Kirsner and Robert D. Hinshelwood. With a foreword by Robert S. Wallerstein

Volume 6, 2001, Soft Cover, 154 pages, £19.99
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In this, the sixth volume in the highly successful monograph series produced under the auspices of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Public Health Services (EFPP), the clear distinctions which once existed between psychoanalysis proper and the psychoanalytic psychotherapies are strongly debated and reassessed in the light of contemporary paradigm shifts in treatment modalities.

"...Certainties about the distinct enough compartmentalizations of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapies no longer exist. The borders between them are now blurred, and they shift constantly, depending on one's vantage point and one's theoretical predelictions...This range of uncertainty and contention is clearly illustrated, and very sharply, in the present volume." - Robert S. Wallerstein from his foreword.



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