EFPP Book Series

Invisible Boundaries
Psychosis and Autism in Children and Adolescents

Edited by Didier Houzel and Maria Rhode
Series Editors: Monica Lanyado and Didier Houzel

Karnac, London & New York, 2005

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Didier Houzel and Maria Rhode

Chapter one: Autism and psychosis
Anne Alvarez

Chapter two: Time, space, and the mind: psychotherapy with children with autism
Britta Blomberg

Chapter Three: The symbolic and the concrete: psychotic adolescents in psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Julia Pestalozzi

Chapter four: Splitting of psychic bisexuality in autistic children
Didier Houzel

Chapter five: Comment on “Splitting of psychic bisexuality in autistic children”
Suzanne Maiello

Chapter six: Conversation with Geneviève Haag
(EFPP Conference, Caen, September 2001)
Introduced by Hélène and Alexandre Dubinsky

Chapter Seven: Conversation with Raymond Cahn
(EFPP Conference, Caen, September 2001)
Introduced by François Marty

“This book is a most valuable demonstration of the cross-fertilizing currents in child psychotherapy in Europe. The integration of post-kleinian psychoanalytic theory, particularly drawing on the work of Frances Tustin and of the discoveries of child developmental researchers and neuroscientists, I elegantly described, and the clinical implications of this convergence are explored. The contributions of Houzel, Pestalozzi, Haag and Alvarez indicate just how alive this international dialogue has become. This book is a landmark in developments which fire new hope of understanding deeply troubled children and adolescents and will be read widely and attentively and with profound appreciation.”
Magaret Rustin, Head of Child Psychotherapy, Tavistock Clinic



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