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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Institutional Settings

Edited by Julia Pestalozzi
Editorial Committee: Serge Frisch, Robert Hinshelwood, Didier Houzel.

Contributors: T. Cahn (Switzerland), R. du Bois (Germany), S. Frisch (Luxembourg), L. Grünbaum (Denmark), M Günter (Germany), R. Hale (UK), R. Hinshelwood (UK), J. Pestalozzi (Switzerland), R. Roussillon (France), V. Sinason (UK), W. Skogstad (UK), U. Streeck (Germany), M.-J. Vansina Cobbaert (Belgium), R. Vermote (Belgium), M. Vigorelli (Italy).

Volume 3, 1998, Paperback, 254 pages,
ISBN 1 85575 198 4, £19.99

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Third volume in the EFPP Monograph series. This volume deals with life and work at the interface between psychoanalytic theory and institutional reality, with contributions from writers across Europe, it provides a fascinating cross-fertilisation of ideas. 222 pages.

EFPP Monograph Series

This is the third volume in the highly successful monograph series produced by the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Public Health Services (EFPP). It deals with psychotherapeutic life and work at the interface between psychoanalytic theory and institutional reality. Contributions are provided by writers from across Europe, whose differing perspectives lead to a fascinating cross-fertilization of ideas. Inevitably, a particular theme is the set of constraints and pressures which arise as a result of working in institution, and how to deal with them. As R.D. Hinshelwood says in his Foreword:

"We need to be continually vigilant and keep our heads clear for thought as well as emotion. This is no minor task. And we have to be ready for it. In my view, there is no better way to prepare ourselves than to be exposed to clear headed reflection about these issues. That is where a book of thoughtful papers such as this becomes essential. These papers, in my view, are not just treatises by people wanting to share obscure issues with each other; they form an essential clinical support to keep us clear-headed and our functions integrated."


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