work with victims of torture
and organised violence


Within the 5th EFPP Conference of the Child and Adolescent Section in collaboration with the VAKJP (Vereinigung Analytischer Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeuten e.V.). "Actual Parents – Inner Parents", 10th - 12th November 2006 at Berlin/Germany see the abstracts (english and/or german) of the working group of the ITEI (Instituto de Terapia e Investigación sobre las Secuelas de la Tortura y la Violencia Estatal), La Paz/Bolivia.

1. Letter of André Gautier and Anna Sabatini Scalmati
2. Abstract of "Kindersoldaten in der Heimat und im Exil" by Dr. Joachim Walter
3. Abstract of Miguel Massa
4. Abstract of "Some thoughts on working psychodynamically across culture, both in the external world and between the internal and external" by Rosemary Duffy
5. Abstract of "Psychoanalytic Psychotherapeutic work with Child and Adolescent Soldiers: Nausea in the Counter transference" by Sheila Melzak

Within the 3rd European Conference of Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy "The Individual and The Group: Bridging the Gap", 8th to 10th October 2004 at Lisbon/Portugal, see the abstracts (french and english) of the working group "Trauma and State violence"

  1. Letter of André Gautier and Anna Sabatini Scalmeti, coordinators of the working group "Trauma and State violence" (english) (french)
  2. La répression de la marche des rentiers - Bolivie janvier 2003 (de Emma Bolshia Bravo and André Gautier)
    The repression of the march of the retired - Bolivia, January 2003 (by Emma Bolshia Bravo and André Gautier)
  3. People's forced disappearance and State violence. Anthropological and psychoanalytical reflections based on the figure of Antigone (by Muriel Gilbert, Lausanne)
    Disparition forcée de personnes et violence d'Etat. Reflexions anthropologiques et psychanalytiques à partir de la figure d'Antigone. (by Muriel Gilbert, Lausanne)

Within the conference Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Our Time. When, Where and for Whom? 5th EFPP conference of all three sections, 4th to 6th July 2003, Stockholm, Sweden, see the abstracts/workshop papers of

Paulina Reyes and Alejandro Reyes: Internal Homelessness, the Aftermath of Traumatic Experiences. A study the state of mind of young people on the aftermath of severely traumatic experiences, either experienced directly by them or passed on trans-generationally.

Anna Sabatini Scalmati: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy with political refugees

Katharina Ley: Tell me your story - Storytelling in trauma therapy in a society of transition. The example of South Africa.

Katharina Ley: Self care in trauma work.

Binnie Kristal-Andersson: Understanding refugees, immigrants and their children - a psychological model

Suzanne Kaplan: Children in the Holocaust. Dealing with affects and memory images in trauma and generational linking

Within the conference La psychothérapie avec fin - la psychothérapie sans fin. La question du temps en psychothérapie. 2ème congrès francophone des Sections "enfant et adolescent", "adulte" et "groupe". / 2nd francophone conference of the EFPP sections child and adolescent individual psychotherapy, adult individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy. Université de Lausanne-Dorigny; Suisse / Switzerland; 13th to 15th September 2002.

Workshop I: Atelier sur le traumatisme de la torture et de la violence organisée.
Le temps fracturé - psychothérapie avec les victimes de la torture.
Workshop II: Atelier II sur le traumatisme de la torture et de la violence organisée.
Temps volé - temps conquis; l'instrument psychanalytique confronté à la violence organisée.
Workshop III: Memoire et recherche: A la recherche du temps volé.


within the conference Psychotic Child and adolescent and their family. 4th Congress of the Child and Adolescent Section in Caen, France, 28th to 30th September 2001.

Children and Adolescents who have been traumatised by civil conflicts and wars and, as a consequence of that, suffer from psychic disorders.

Papers will be presented by Kjerstin Almqvist (Sweden) and Annette Anbert (Denmark)


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