Central and Eastern Europe Networks  

From 2004 to 2006, twelve countries in Central and Eastern Europe became members of the European Union. This development had been foreseen by the EFPP and contacts with many of these countries have been developed since the start of the EFPP. Ludek Vrba (Czech Republic) who was a member of the Executive Committee and through him and others many of these contacts have developed in a very positive way. Since several years, members of the Executive Committee have been invited to give presentations, seminars and workshops or to work as Supervisors in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland and Serbia.
More of the Central and Eastern European Countries have developed their training standards and are joining the EFPP either as full members or associate members in the same way as other European countries do. The next step was different forms of continued teaching and supervision in order to enable those who have now finished their training to develop their work further and eventually be able to work as teachers and supervisors themselves. Supervision on supervision project was conducted in eight blocks in Kiev, Ukraine, where more than 60 students and supervisors attended these blocks. Another project was recently conducted in Tbilisi Georgia, where Gila Ofer who is a member of the executive board together with two other psychoanalysts conducted a seminar of psychoanalytic psychotherapy of four days for forty psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists to be continued.

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