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3rd Infant Observation Workshop: Neuroaffective Development and Early Relationships as seen in Infant Observations. Guest speaker: Susan Hart, presenting a paper on "Basic principles of neuroaffective developmental psychology - From arousal regulation, through emotional synchrony to sef-regulation and mentalization." 29-31 October 2010, Stockholm, Sweden.

An invitational workshop on research will be arranged by the Erica Foundation in cooperation with the European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP) in Stockholm/Sweden, from 17-19 October 2008. Preliminary information, the detailed programme will be published later.

The 6th Syros Summer Workshop takes place from 30th May to 1st June 2008 at Syros, Greece. Key-note speaker is Luc Moyson, Belgium, title of his presentation: "Can you tell me a childhood memory? Narcissistic rage in theory and practice". The theme of clinical presentations will focus on child and family work. Programme and registration form .

The 2nd EFPP Workshop on Infant Observation "HOW CAN PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY MAKE USE OF THE METHOD OF INFANT OBSERVATION?" takes place in Pisa from 15th to 17th February 2008. Registration deadline 15 December 2007! Use the registration form .

The main theme of the 5th Syros workshop will be "Micro-Mega: treating children and adults. The same analysis with similarities and differences". The invited speaker is Roberto Basile. 26th - 28th May 2006, Syros, Greece.

A workshop with papers by Björn Wrangsjö, Andreas Murray and Majlis Winberg Salomonsson about life condition and treatment of teenagers and young adults will be held in Halmstad, Sweden, Friday, 3rd March 2006

The working party of the EFPP, child section delegates, organizes a Workshop on Infant Observation, at Athens / Greece from 9th to 10 december 2005. Registration form, accommodation & flights, programme and site maps are available on this site.

First Workshop on "Confidentiality"
, organized by the EFPP in collaboration with the University Center Kortenberg, 21-22 October 2005, Belgium (informations: Luc Moyson). More informations and registration form are available now as pdf-document for download.

The 33rd Winter Workshop (in English) "Body and/or Mind. In the light of neuro-science and in our experience. Who are sitting in the circle?" takes place at Budapest/Hungary, organized by the Group-Analytic Society/London and the Institute of Group Analysis /Budapest. (5-8 of January 2005) .

Supervision. 4th Syros Workshop. Invited speaker: Imre Seczody (June 6th to 8th, Syros, Greece)

3rd Syros Summer Workshop (25th-27th May 2001; Syros, Greece)


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