3rd EFPP Workshop on Infant Observation  


29 th – 31 st October 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference venue:
Ericastiftelsen, Odengatan 9, 114 24 Stockholm, Sweden 

Psychoanalytic infant observation is a vital component in the training of psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and clinicians of allied professions. Its usefulness to clinical work is well established worldwide, as it enables clinicians to conceptualise the nonverbal and implicit interactive processes, enhancing their capacity for perceptual and emotional receptivity. Following the infant’s emotional development within his/her family, the observers can develop 'empathic receptivity', as they unconsciously engage with primitive states of mind.

Infant Observation has been a special interest group within the EFPP. A working party was formed in 2004 which extended this interest, which has organised two Infant Observation Workshops (Athens in December 2005, Pisa in February 2008), and has a constant presence in all recent EFPP conferences.

The aim of such workshops is to promote space for reflection on the method of Infant Observation and its relevance to our clinical practice, but also to keep in touch with the different training applications and the new developments. One of the tasks of the working party is to help countries or sections that do not yet include Infant Observation in their trainings to facilitate its implimentation.

This time we invite you to the third workshop on Infant Observation in Stockholm, 29 th – 31 st October, 2010. For further information, please see Programme and Registration form.

The guest speaker will be: Susan Hart, Denmark, presenting a paper on:

“Basic principles of neuroaffective developmental psychology –
From arousal regulation, through emotional synchrony to self-regulation and mentalization”.


There will be plenty of time for reflection, exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences, difficulties and hopes in small group discussions, following the key-note presentation and training issues.

The working party for Infant Observation in the EFPP:

Britta Blomberg, Sweden britta.blomberg@ericastiftelsen.se

Anne Holländer, Denmark psykliah@post1.tele.dk

Effie Layiou-Lignos, Greece effie.lignos@gmail.com

Simona Nissim, Italy simonan@tin.it

Miriam Rosenthal, Israel miriamrosenthal@bezeqint.net


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last modified: 2010-05-17