14th to 16th May 2004

La Société Française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique

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MAY 14-15 AND 16, 2004, IN PARIS

" Espace Reuilly "
21, rue Hénard
75012 Paris, France
Métro Montgallet or Dugommier

Family metamorphoses
We are pleased to announce that the first International Psychoanalytic Family Therapy Congress will be held in Paris from May 14th to 16th 2004.
This congress will bring together international experts from different countries to discuss their findings on individual transformations within the family, their psychopathological consequences and the corresponding therapeutic strategies.
Family metamorphoses also relate to general changes within the family, the mould in which the existence of its members is constructed, and we shall also speak about the metamorphoses that are induced by PCFT (psychoanalitic couple and family therapies). The field of applications of PCFT continues to grow year by year thanks to the adaptation that it introduces into its own model.
Fundamental questions will be raised during this Congress. In what ways do families suffer? What are the constant aspects upon which families rely to attain their objectives? What are the most recent findings concerning the family link theory? What is the work in progress on all family related matters?
Our goal is to maximize the exchange of information and contacts between presenters and participants at this congress. Therefore workshops, Q&A sessions and round tables will be favoured. We hope that new research proposals will emerge and that our clinical tool will be sharpened. Family Therapists, Psychologists, Psychoanalysts as well as actors in the social field are concerned by this event, which highlights the role of the family in our life.
Dr. Alberto Eiguer, President

Société Française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique
French Society for Psychoanalytic Family Therapy
154, rue d'Alésia, 75014 Paris, France
Phone & Fax : 33 4 91 93 34 49
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Organisation :

Themes of the Congress

1. Metapsychology of link concept today

  • Theoretical bases : object relations, originary, inter-fantasizing, transitional objects, transgenerational concepts, and psychoanalytic theories of group
  • New developments in the trauma theory
  • Parenthood and cohabitation links
  • Link theory and various schools founded on the attachment concept, the self-psychology, the intersubjectivity and the contextual approaches (analogies and differences).

2. Modern family and couple clinics

  • Trauma, maltreatment and resilience
  • Father's disgrace, fading of limits
  • Sexual dysfonctions in couple
  • Exhibition and voyeurism in family
  • Family and perinatality, adolescence, old age
  • Medically assisted procreation
  • Divorce, separation, monoparental families, step parenting and adoption today
  • Homosexual couples and homoparental families
  • Transgenerational in show business families
  • Family ethno psychoanalysis
  • Addictions, sects and family

3. Changes in PCFT techniques

  • Family and couple psychodrama
  • Dream analysis techniques
  • Techniques : drawing, games, genogram, lifetree, genealogy, house plan drawings
  • PCFT and justice
  • New approaches for extreme family situations such as victims of social traumas

4. Others questions

  • Training
  • Clinical research

Official languages:

french, english and spanish

SB Organisation
36, rue Kellner
75017 Paris
Phone : 01 58 60 25 35
Fax : 01 58 60 25 40
e-mail :

Morning : Conferences, Round tables
Afternoon : Parallel Debates, Work-shops, Symposiums, Posters

Submision of abstracts, deadline: January 5th 2004.

Submission of abstracts to send with registration form
Participants are kindly invited to submit abstracts for presentation in Congress on one of the proposed themes in one of the official languages. The presentation must concern a recent original study or research (not more three years old) and not have been published.
Deadline is January 5th 2004. The Scientific Committee will review all the abstracts, decide which presentations are be included in the programme and in what form: conference, round table, debate, workshop or forum. Authors of abstracts will be notified on advice of Committee.
The text must include the title of the presentation, the surname and first name of the author(s), the institution, university, association, address of the author(s) and the language of oral presentation. The length must be less than 1500 characters. So that quality and originality of the work can be fully evaluated, the presentation should be centred on a single line of study, objectives and results should be clearly described, and preferably illustrated by examples of psychoanalytic family or couple therapy.
Submission of an abstract does not constitute a registration for the Congress. Please complete the separate registration form. Final acceptance of submissions is therefore on condition that the author is registered for participation at the Congress.
In order to promote exchanges between presenters and participants, presentations must be short: 20 minutes for conferences and workshops (6 pages, each of 1500 characters), 10 minutes for round tables and forums (3 pages, each of 1500 characters).
For complementary instructions :

Programme schedule
We hope that the Congress "Family metamorphoses" will allow participants to enter into topics in more depth, and also to promote further discussions between participants.
Therefore each day will be centered on one of the defined main lines: the modern clinic (Friday 14th), metapsychology today (Saturday 16th), and changes in techniques (Sunday 17th).
Conferences will commence with the main line of the day. 1-hour long round-tables consisting of three or four presenters will complete the morning schedule.
On Friday and Saturday, the first hour of the afternoon will be dedicated to 2 or 3 simultaneous debates : two specialists will confront each other on a particularly controversial subject in the presence of a mediator.
Simultaneous workshops will be held during the second part of the afternoon. Their subjects may be illustrated by clinical examples of PFT or PCT.
Running alongside these, different forums will take place - concerning one of the themes of the Congress - in the presence of 3 or 4 presenters and a mediator.
On Sunday morning there will be a round-table which will comprise of collecting the main contributions of previous exchanges during the Congress, and developing them.

Further informations
Dr. Alberto Eiguer and Dr. Evelyn Granjon
National Scientific Committee
G. Decherf, M. Drevon, A. Eiguer, I. Gambini, E. Grange, E. Granjon, F. Fustier, R. Jaitin, G. Mevel, A. Lafage, A. Loncan, B. Savin, J. Sertain, A. Nakov, JP Vidal, A. Yahyaoui
Local Arrangement Committee
MY Barraband, E. Darchis, C. Diamante, JP Dumont, C. Fischhof , E. Haulé-Taffo , M. Mercier, M. Moral, E. Parma, D. Pilorge, H. Popper, B. Thaler, M. Trkulja
International Advisory Committee
Dr. I. Berenstein (Buenos-Aires), G. Bianchi (Buenos-Aires), Dr G. Bianchi (Buenos-Aires), Dr. A. Brignone (Firenze), Dr. N. Espiro (Madrid), Pr. T. Ferès-Carneiro (Rio de Janeiro), Dr. O. Frizzera (Buenos-Aires), Dr. S. Kleiman (Buenos-Aires), Dr. D. Lucarelli (Rome), Dr. B. Meissner (Köln),
Pr. S. Nicolic (Zagreb), Dr. AM Nicolò (Rome), P. Pandeli (Limassol, Chypre), Pr. T. Parman (Istambul), Pr. C. Pasos (Sao Paulo), Pr. L. de Paula Chermann (Sao Paulo), Dr. V. Potapova (Moscou), O. Ruiz Correa (Rio de Janeiro), A. Tsoukatou (Thessalonique)
Organizing Society
Société française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique, (French Psychoanalytic Family Therapy Society)
154, rue d'Alésia
75014 Paris
Secretary, Phone & Fax : 04 91 93 34 49
e-mail :

Further details for download or printing can be found under:

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