12th July 2001

Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry Section (PIP)

A Proposed New Section of the WPA, World Psychiatric Association

July 12th at 5.45 pm - 7.00 pm

St James Suite, QE2 conference centre (4th floor), Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1

Dr Kari Pylkkänen (Finland)

Dr Brian Martindale (UK)

You are all warmly encouraged to come to this informal meeting. It takes place during the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting being held with the WPA European Regional Meeting from July 9th - July13th. Further information about the conference is on:

Dr Pylkkänen is a psychoanalyst who has played a key part in the development of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy within Psychiatry and Psychiatric services in Finland. He will give a brief talk about the crucial organisational and conceptual aspects that made these developments possible.

This talk will be given as an aid to open discussion involving the audience to generate ideas as to how the new section might develop, the nature of its activities and the organisational requirements for success. (The proposal should reach the WPA General Assembly in Yokohama in 2002).

1) It is of interest that Anna Freud & Melanie Klein were both special guests at the inauguration of the WPA at the Sorbonne in 1950. Since the 2000 WPA Paris jubilee conference Dr Simon Daniel Kipman and many others have been finding a great deal of international interest in this proposal for our new century

2) There are many presentations throughout the day of July 12th that will be of interest to those interested in psychoanalysis. We would strongly encourage you to register for the full day. However if you are only able to come for this event, it will be possible for you to come without charge (by reporting to the Enquiry Desk).

Dr Martindale is happy to pass on the name and contact details of all who wish to be kept informed:


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