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EFPP conferences

The 10th Syros Summer Workshop will take place in June 2017. For further information please read the invitation and programme.

International French Speaking Congress of Hyeres on 2017 on Thursday, 18 and Friday, May 19th, 2017 Hyeres Palm trees (Var) FRANCE "The burglary of the Intimacy, the Private, the Public, a psychoanalysis of the link" Chaired by Pr René Kaës. Among the main speakers: Kaes René, Cyrulnik Boris, Tisseron Serge, Gutton Philippe, Lucarelli Daniela, Tavazza Gabriella, Robert Philippe, Jaitin Rosa, … Scientific coordinator: Pierre Benghozi. Information and registrations IRP: Bruno MANUEL 06 60 99 59 47 manuel.13012@gmail.comHttp: //

The annual conference of the Romanian Association for the Psychoanalysis of Family and Group Links "Enrique Pichon Riviere" with the topic "Body, thinking, feeling and words" will take place from 21 to 27 August 2016 in Orastie, Romania. Please find more information enclosed in the flyer.

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER - Professional identity of a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in a changing word, the First Conference of the Ukrainian National EFPP Network will take place from 24. June to 26. June 2016. Please find more information in the conference flyer.

The practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the British tradition: Supervision Masterclass - 28-30 October 2016, Verona, Italy. The Masterclass will include 9 supervision sessions of individual and group psychoanalytic psychotherapy and related lectures, with the participation of Italian delegates and 40 British psychotherapists working in the public and private sectors in London. British supervisors include: David Morgan, Lorenzo Grespi, William Badenhorst and Alla Rubitel. Information and booking:; information PDF.

9th Syros Summer Workshop

Since 1998 the Syros Summer Workshop on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies has become a living tradition. The Workshop combines Greek island summer weather with psychoanalytic studies and takes place in the neoclassical building of the Hermoupolis Town-Hall in the Cycladic island of Syros. It is organised by the Hellenic Association of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy under the auspices of EFPP. From the first Workshop (May 1998), EFPP and IPA members from all over Europe have been joining this event in this sunny and picturesque Greek island of the Aegean Sea. Read more... (flyer) (registration)

de Hyères 2015 on the topic The identity and the difference. Difference of sexes, difference of generations, difference of culture. Identifications, Memberships, Transmission. What are the therapeutic links with a child, a teenager, a couple, a family, a group, an institution? The Congress will take place at the Forum du Casino Hyères Les Palmiers, France, on 2 and 3 April 2015, co-chaired by Professor Maria Ines Asumption Fernandes Usp of the University of Sao Paolo and Professor Terezinha Feres Carneiro Puc of the University of Rio de Janeiro and supported by the EFPP. Scientific coordination: IRP Pierre Benghozi. For further information please contact: Bruno Manuel (0336 60 99 59 47 - or visit

The Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Member of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP),, and The Czech Psychoanalytical Society, Member of the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association),, kindly invites you at the occasion of Czech translation of Sandor Ferenczi’s Clinical Diary publication (Portál Publisher, June 2014) to The International Conference: „Sándor Ferenczi and relational psychoanalysis“ 10.-11.10.2014, Prague, Czech Republic

The EFPP, DGPT, DPG, DPV, DGAP, DGIP, VaKJP, D3G, and BVPPF organise a conference with the title Beyond Babel? On Sameness and Otherness.
The presented lectures, papers, and workshops covered the field of all four EFPP sections (Psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adults, children and adolescents, groups, couples, and families). The conference took place on June 26 - 28 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Following were the main paper presentations to which we are looking forward:

  • Stefano Bolognini (Italy): In Between Sameness and Otherness: The Analyst's Words in Interpsychic Dialogue
  • Anna Ursula Dreher (Germany): Inside Babel
  • Jan Philipp Reemtsma (Germany): The Gift of Babel (public pre-conference lecture on Thursday evening 25th June )
  • John Schlapobersky (United Kingdom): „Words … Refashion Futures Like a Healer's Hand
For more information please visit the conference website

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the public sector in England and Italy: clinical work in a changing landscape - 23 and 24 May 2014, Bergamo & Lovere, Italy. This year the Annual Conference of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Psychotherapy will take place in Italy in English and Italian. The conference will include original papers, clinical supervisions and teaching sessions; and a typical day of work shared with 40 British NHS psychotherapists from the CNWL NHS Foundation Trust in London. Keynote speaker: Anne Alvarez. Speakers, supervisors and lecturers: Anne Alvarez, Lorenzo Grespi, Anna Patelli, Alla Rubitel, Valerio Vivenza, Mirella Tenaglia and William Badenhorst. Information and booking: For more information, please read our flyers in English and Italian.

International Workshop: Impact of Social Trauma onto Identity Belgrade, October 3th- 5th 2013. Workshop Staff: Hanni Biran, Tija Despović, Ivanka Dunjić, Veronika Grueneisen, Slavoljub Milojević, Jona Rosenfeld, Jelica Satarić and Marina Mojović. Organized by: Group Analytic Society-Belgrade Psycho-Social Section.

Role Analysis Workshop Belgrade, October 5th-6th 2013. Conveners Hanni Biran and Marina Mojović. Organized by: Group Analytic Society-Belgrade Psycho-Social Section.

The 4th EFPP workshop on infant observation addressing intergenerational trauma through parent infant psychotherapy will take place in Tallinn (Estonia), 02.-04. May 2013. Participants are requested to send a filled registration form (Word, PDF) to

The EFPP and the Hellenic Society of Group Analysis and Family Therapy organise a conference with the title
Conflict and Reconciliation in Groups, Couples, Families & Society. 24-27 May 2012, Athens, Greece.
First information...

The Hellenic Association of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy under the auspices of EFPP organises the 8th Syros Summer Workshop on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies under the title Countertransference for better or worse. Invited speakers are R. D. Hinshelwood, Ricky Emanuel, and Louise Emanuel. Syros, Greece, 1st - 3rd June 2012

1st combined conference, organised by EFPP adult section and EFPP child & adolescent section. 14 - 16 october, 2011, Krakow, Poland. Siblings. Rivalry and Envy - Coexistence and Concern.
Main Speakers: Angela Joyce (United Kingdom), Jeanne Magagna (United Kingdom), Franz Wellendorf (Germany)

The Estonian Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy Society organises the Conference: How to Think About Children. 20th- 21st May 2011. Tallinn, Estonia. Lecturers: Lydia Tischler, British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, Anita Colloms, British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, Juliet Hopkins, Tavistock Clinic,UK, George Crawford, Scottish Institute of Human Relations,UK.
The Conference is held under the auspices of EFPP.

Congrès de HYÈRES qui se tiendra les 10 et 11 février 2011 au Forum du Casino de HYÈRES LES PALMIERS, 83400 Hyères, France, sur le thème: «Mais où sont les limites entre le JE et le NOUS...?» A conference under the auspices of the EFPP.

The ОПП Общества психоаналитической психотерапии / SPP Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy organises a seminar with Luc Moyson, chair of EFPP. 26 June 2010, Moscow, Russia

The 7th Syros Summer Workshop on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies, organised by the Hellenic Association of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy under the auspices of EFPP. 4th, 5th, 6th June 2010, Syros, Greece.
Invitation and programme (DOC) (PDF) > Read the Report.

1st EFPP Couple and Family Section Conference. Families in Transformation: A Challenge for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
20 - 22 May 2010, Florence, Italy.

2010 International Psychoanalytic Conference: Agression: from fantasy to action. Hosted by the Centre for Psychotherapy & the Northern Ireland Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in collaboration with the British Psychoanalytic Society, the Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations and the Northern Ireland Association for the Study of Psychoanalysis. 6 - 7 May, 2010, Hilton Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Anna Freud Centre Program at the Yale Child Study Center and University College London with the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis organise a Psychoanalytic Research Training Program. May 2-6, 2010, New Haven, CT (USA)

Next Delegates Meeting will take place in The University Psychiatric Center, Catholic University Leuven, campus Kortenberg (Leuvensesteenweg 517, B-3070 Kortenberg, Belgium) on March 13 to 14th 2009.

Nouvelles identités familiales. Nouveaux mythes, nouveaux rituels: naissance adolenscence passages générationnels. Un défi pour les familles et les institutions. Congrès de Hyères. 5th and 6th february 2009, Hyéres, France. Introduction and programme.

The 6th Syros Summer Workshop takes place from 30th May to 1st June 2008 at Syros, Greece. Key-note speaker is Luc Moyson, Belgium, title of his presentation: "Can you tell me a childhood memory? Narcissistic rage in theory and practice". The theme of clinical presentations will focus on child and family work. Programme and registration form .

National Congress of Italian "3-sections" of EFPP, invited speaker chair of the EFPP Luc Moyson, Belgium.Theme of the congress: Il vertice psicoanalitico: Lo psicoterapeuta e le pressioni culturali, sociali ed istituzionali. 8 March 2008, Rome, Italy.

The 2nd EFPP Workshop on Infant Observation "HOW CAN PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY MAKE USE OF THE METHOD OF INFANT OBSERVATION?" takes place in Pisa from 15th to 17th February 2008. Registration deadline 15 December 2007! Use the registration form .

First Conference on Child analysis "Fear as an element in development", organized by the St. Petersburg Society of Child Psychoanalysis, the IPA-EPF Han Groen-Prakken Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe (PIEE) and the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP). 14-16 December 2007 in St. Petersburg / Russia.
Programme and registration form. For further conference information contact .

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: New Frontiers in Individual and Organizational Pathologies. Preliminary announcement for the conference organized by AEPP (Spanish Association for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy in the Public Sector, member of EFPP). The invited speakers are Otto Kernberg (New York), John Steiner (London) and Anton Obholzer (London). 23rd - 24th March 2007, Seville, Spain.
Special fee offer for closed groups of 10 people / map of Seville and hotels available read more ...

The next Delegates Meeting will be held in Stockholm, March 2nd - 3rd 2007. All delegates will receive further information.

Congrès Adolescence Institutions Réseaux et Thérapie Familiales: Une Approche Psychanalytique du Lien
organisé par l'IRP : Institut de Recherche en Psychothérapie en parrainage avec L'EFPP : Fédération Européenne de Psychothérapie psychanalytique Section Thérapie Psychanalytique Familiale et de Couple.
Adolescent, Institution Network and Family Therapy: Psychoanalytic approach of the Link
Patronage by EFPP Psychoanalytic Couple Family Psychotherapy section
8-9 février (february) 2007 à/at Hyères les Palmiers / France.
Programme / ateliers / formulaire d'inscription

5th EFPP Conference of the Child and Adolescent Section in collaboration with the VAKJP (Vereinigung Analytischer Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeuten e.V.). "Actual Parents – Inner Parents". 10th - 12th November 2006 at Berlin/Germany. Deadline for reduced fees prolonged until 30th of September 2006!

Manifestations corporelles du psychisme: du corps à la pensée. Les collègues espagnols de la SEPYPNA vous invitent à participer à leur congrès annuel qui a lieu à Ibiza du 12 - 14 octobre 2006. Les principaux orateurs de la journée du vendredi sont francophones et les travaux de cette journée se feront en traduction simultanée français/espagnol. Une traduction simultanée aura aussi lieu pour l'atelier WAIMH du jeudi.
Voyez aussi le programme avec le formulaire d'inscription.

The main theme of the 5th Syros workshop will be "Micro-Mega: treating children and adults. The same analysis with similarities and differences". The invited speaker is Roberto Basile. 26th - 28th May 2006, Syros, Greece.

Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Research Conference 2006 (Spring Conference). Organised by the Finland's National Network of the EFPP, 5th - 6th May 2006, Helsinki, Finland. Program and registration form are available.

3rd European Psychoanalytical Film Festival. 3-6 November 2005, London.

3ème congrès francophone "Clinique et théorie – rupture et continuité"
, organisé par l'EFPP en collaboration avec ARPPE (Association de recherche en psychiatrie et psychanalyse de l'enfant). Envoyer les propositions pour les ateliers avant le 1 octobre 2005! 2–4 décembre 2005 à Metz, France. Pour utiliser le formulaire d'inscription cliquez ici svp ...

The working party of the EFPP, child section delegates, organizes a Workshop on Infant Observation, at Athens / Greece from 9th to 10 december 2005. Registration form, accommodation & flights, programme and site maps are available on this site.


other conferences

The Ninth European Psychoanalytic Film Festival (epff9) will takte place 2-5 November 2017 at BAFTA, London. For further information please visit the festival's website.

The Second International Congress on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis will take place in Madrid from February 23 to 26 2017. Please read the flyer for further information.

The conference Vision-Super-Vision in Group Analytic Training will take place from April 21 to 23 2017 at the University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče in Zagreb. Please visit the conference website or read the flyer for further information.

The organising committee of the 20th ISPS Congress "Making Real Change Happen", 30.08.-03.09.2017 in Liverpool, UK, informs about an important update.

  • Interest in the conference is almost unprecedented so the date for submissions has now been extended to January 15th, 2017.  We encourage you to submit on any of our linked themes. Go to for further information.
  • At this point we want to highlight one of our plenaries on making real change happen – Making Wards Therapeutic. Please go to:

Interested in Psychosis? Interested in real change for the better? The ISPS 2017 conference in Liverpool, UK is for you, whatever your discipline and if you are a service use or carer. The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis conferences have an outstanding reputation for vibrancy, conviviality, breadth of presentations and social events.
Submissions: Submit a paper, poster, symposium or workshop before the end of January 15th, 2017. Please go to
Registration: We anticipate a full house, so why not make an early bird registration. Please go to
Please pass this new message on further to your friends and colleagues and other intranets. See you in Liverpool.
The 20th International Congress of ISPS will take place in Liverpool, UK 30.08–03.09 2017.

The conference Civilians at War - Losses, Recovery and the Experience of the Helpers will take place in Prague on October 21st -23rd. The conference is organized by Tel-Aviv institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, The Israeli Institute of Group Analysis, The Rafael Institute in Prague and Prix Irene in Prague. It will deal with the lot of the civil population that is caught up in the many wars and armed conflicts that are taking place all over nowadays. Please read the programme and notice the call for papers.

The 18th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry with the title Creative Processes in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry will take place in Florence, April 19th to 22nd 2017. Registration and call for papers:, from Brian Martindale, Chair of Great Britain branch.

The 2nd International Conference (Psychoanalysis and the Group) with the title Hope and Despair in Groups, Institutions and Society organized by the Hellenic Society of Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy will take place in Athens, 19 to 22 May 2016.

The child section of the Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, member of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, kindly invite you to the international conference "Autism 2016 - psychoanalytic aproach" 1. - 3.4.2016, Prague, Czech Republic. For further information please visit, contact us ( or read the flyer. We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

Internationale transdisziplinäre Tagung Lost in Perfection: Folgen und Grenzen von Optimierung in Kultur und Psyche. 09. Oktober 2015 Anna-Siemsen-Hörsaal der Universität Hamburg. Flyer. Poster.

The international conference “The Road not Taken” A Relational Discourse on Pioneers in Individual and Group Analytic Therapy will take place at Tichonet Academic Campus, Shoshana Persits Street 3, Tel Aviv, 21-22-05-2015. Guests of Honor: Dr. Robert Grossmark, USA and Dr. Earl Hopper, England. For more information please click here (PDF 1.04 MB).

The Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (,, member of the European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and The Group Analytic Society International (, kindly invite you at the 2nd Summer School of Group Analysis: "Who is afraid of groups?" 15. - 19.7.2015, Prague, Czech Republic. Please click for further information and registration form.

The 5th International Summer Conference of Group Analysis in Lithuania "Books in Group Analysis" (2015 July 3-5) kindly invites you to take part.
Key lecturers will be given by Leonidas Donskis, Lithuanian philosopher and writer, Morris Nitsun, author of well-known books in group analysis and Steinar Lorentzen, researcher and author in group analysis. The program is still open for proposals.
Please click for further information, venue and accommodation and registration form, or visit the website.

The GASI Group Analytic Society International invites to the 16th European Symposium in Group Analysis with the title Art Meets Science: Exploring Challenges and Changes.
28th July - 1st August 2014, Lisbon, Portugal. Information and registration on

The next GAS International 16th Symposium in Group Analysis will be held in Lisbon from the 28th July to the 1st August 2014. Further information: and
We look forward to welcoming a wide range of interested persons to attend the Symposium, either practitioners, contributors or just those who enjoy being and working with groups. Never let us forget that we have all lived in groups since we were born and that society is ultimately a large group, so it is natural to be interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of and greater experience of groups. Therefore this Symposium may be a challenge not only for those who work in analytical therapeutic settings like group analysts or psychotherapists (individual/group/family) but also for those who engage in other therapies like art therapy or psychodrama. Furthermore there are many other applications of group analysis: either in medical settings (for medical doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers in inpatient or outpatient departments, day hospitals of institutions of public or private health), in educational settings (for teachers, educators, educational psychologists and other professionals in child care, schools or other educational facilities), in organisational settings (coaching, team building for managers, workers in business organisations) or in research about group processes and therapeutic outcomes.We invited Giacomo Rizzolatti (Mirror Neurons research), Eduardo Souto Moura (Pritzker Prize 2011, Wolf Prize 2013) and group analysts as A. Guilherme Ferreira, Marina Mojovic, Kristian Valbak and Dieter Nitzgen to develop the main themes.

The Estonian Group Analytic Society kindly invites you to the International Autumn Conference of Group Analysis „Difficult“ Clients – Complicated Relations in a Group. Tallinn, October 18–19, 2013. Further information and registration. We will be focusing on the specifics of group work in certain target groups (the unemployed, clients in conflict with the law, clients with adaptation and coping difficulties, emotionally unstable clients etc). Presentations and workshops will be carried out by colleagues from the Estonian Group Analytic Society (EGAS) as well as foreign lecturers. We offer you an opportunity to study and use the group work application „Social Dreaming Matrix“. This method of group work will be introduced and applied by Gila Ofer, PhD, from Israel (chair of the group analytic section of European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, EFPP). Vladimir Shamov, MD (representative of the Group Analytic Society in St Petersburg), will be sharing experience and thoughts about the possibilities of group supervision via the Internet. We will also listen about work with seniors, about work with people who have fatal illness and about work with those, who drove drunken and must participate in special program. These experiences will be shared by our colleagues from EGAS. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for free communication with professionals from different parts of Europe to exchange ideas and different views on group analysis. We welcome all mental health and social work specialists who come across groups in their work at the conference.

'Gold' discovered at the University of Giessen. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy has been found to be effective for multiple presenting mental disorders across multiple randomised controlled trials – the form of evidence that NICE considers ‘gold standard’. One of the world’s leading experts in meta-analysis, Professor Falk Leichsenring, a psychologist and psychoanalyst who advises the German authority that is responsible for provision of psychotherapy in their public health system, will be delivering this year’s Phil Richardson Memorial Lecture at the 20 September AGM of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS. ‘Body of Evidence’ will review what we can confidently now claim about psychodynamic treatments that have been shown to work, followed by a discussion about how we can use this evidence to persuade the new commissioning bodies to invest in NHS-funded services. The APP event, which is open to everyone, with limited free places available for students and service users, will be held at Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1. Please contact  Janaki Hemaratne at for further information about this event. You can read the full meta-analysis on British Journal of Psychiatry website at

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW 2013. Getting to grips with society’s ills: a psychoanalytic perspective. Bridging the clinical and academic study of psychoanalysis with political discourse and social policy. London Bloomsbury, 5 October. This year’s conference considers the changing political landscape in the UK: the Government dramatically changing the welfare state and social contract, with increased use of language such as ‘strivers’ and ‘shirkers’. Coupled with a rise in reality TV and a cult of celebrity, we seem to be living in an increasingly individualistic and narcissistic society. Picking up on a range of contemporary themes – such as individualism, consumerism and a decline of community, families and young people, inequality and poverty, and the increasing marginalization of some sections of the community – Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW 2013 will explore ways of getting to grips with society’s ills using our unique psychoanalytic perspective, and how psychoanalytic thinking can inform and support the Government and policy makers in their responses. Keynote Presentation by Salman Akhtar, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. Speakers and facilitators: Susanna Abse, Salman Akhtar, Andrew Balfour, Nick Benefield, Marion Brown, Andrew Cooper, Tim Dartington, Sandra Evans, Gary Fereday, Richard Graham, Rex Haigh, Paul Hoggett, James Johnston, Jean Knox, Alessandra Lemma, Julian Lousada, Frank Lowe, Gary McKnight, Helen Morgan, Anna Motz, Matthew Patrick, Patrick Pietroni, Rosemary Rizq, Mary Target, Matthew Taylor, David Vincent, Gary Winship, Heather Wood, Jessica Yakeley, Biddy Youell. Plus special public lecture on Friday 4 October by Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary. With Jim Hopkins, Jean Knox, Rowan Williams. Information and booking at

The ISPS, International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis, holds its next international conference in Warsaw, Poland between August 22 and 25, 2013. If you are interested in the focus of the ISPS, we strongly suggest you take a look at the conference website where you can view the programme and pre-congress workshops and / or the website of the ISPS Our conferences are very friendly, and include plenty of time for discussion and making contact with people from a broad range of perspectives and disciplines as well as experts by experience and family members. Besides excellent plenary speakers, we always have plenty of smaller settings in which the creativity and experience of participants can be shared.

GASI International Summer School in Group Analysis - Learning Across Borders - International Explorative and Experiential Four-Day Workshop. Belgrade, August 6th- 9th 2013.

Foulkes and Pichon-Rivière. Connecting Citizens and Societies: International Explorative and Experiential Four-Day Workshop. Belgrade, June 26th-29th 2013.

"Le Bébé et sa famille", les 20, 21 et 22 juin (pour la fête de la musique), congrès international de la WAIMH à Besançon. Du jeudi 13h au samedi 13h ; plénières, symposiums (5) et ateliers (12). Programme sur le site, à consulter régulièrement

The Israeli Institute for Group Analysis, the Israeli Forum for Psychoanalysis and Relational Psychotherapy and the New School of Psychotherapy organize the international conference “Individuals and Groups – Mutual Vulnerability” with Professor Lew Aron, which will take place on July 4th and 5th 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The 8th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium With the theme "The Father" will be organized by the association "Friends of the International Delphi Psychoanalytic Symposium" in collabo­ration with the Hellenic Psychoanalytical Society and is under the auspices of the University of Patras and the European Cultural Center of Delphi. Delphi, Greece, 21 to 24 June 2013.

The Czech Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, the Child Branch and the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies organise an international conference: Children from Dysfunctional Families. With Lydia Tischler, UK and Ann Horne, UK. Friday, 17 may 2013 - Saturday, 18 may 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

The Israel Institute for Group Analysis organises a Spring Workshop: Intouchable. Alienation, Communication and Inclusion. Dr. Robi Friedman and Mrs. Marit Hoffe-Milstein, Co-Chairs. Kibbutz Gonen, Israel, 6-9 march 2013

Congrès de Hyères 2013 on the theme "The Links of Alliance and the Care" What are the therapeutic links with a child, a teenager, a couple, a family, a group, an institution? Chaired by Professor René Kaës. Supported by the EFPP European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, PUC University of Rio de Janeiro, USP University of Sao Paolo. Pierre Benghozi Scientific coordination IRP. February 7th and 8th, 2013, Forum du Casino Hyères Les Palmiers, France
(conference information and flyer)

The Czech Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, the Child Branch and the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies organise an international conference: Children from Dysfunctional Families. With Lydia Tischler, UK and Ann Horne, UK. Friday, 17 may 2013 - Saturday, 18 may 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

The Group Analytic Society (London) presents the 15th European Symposium in Group Analysis, 29th August–2nd September 2011, Goldsmiths College, London

The British Association of Psychotherapists announces their second annual Group Relations Conference "Working with Others: leadership, risk and trust", Friday 4th November - Sunday 6th November 2011, London, United Kingdom

The Estonian Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy Society
organises the Conference: How to Think About Children. 20th- 21st May 2011. Tallinn, Estonia. Lecturers: Lydia Tischler, British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, Anita Colloms, British Association of Psychotherapists, UK, Juliet Hopkins, Tavistock Clinic,UK, George Crawford, Scottish Institute of Human Relations, UK.
The Conference is held under the auspices of EFPP.

The International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and other Psychoses (ISPS)
organises the 17th International congress on Psychological Therapies for Psychoses in the 21st century: influencing Brain, Mind and Society. 31st May – 04th June 2011. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Deadline for submission of structured discussions, oral and poster presentations: 15th December 2010
Contacts: Ivan Urlić (scientific), Branko Juvan (administration)

IV Summer Academy of the DAGG and IAGP
Eros and Thanatos: The Trans-cultural Dimension of Groups. Granada, June 6th - June 10th 2011.

The First South of England Psychotherapy Conference: Understanding and Treating Borderline Personality Disorder.
Prof. Glen Gabbard. Conference opened by Dr Gwen Adshead, Broadmoor Hospital. Chaired by Prof. Paul Williams,
The British Psychoanalytic Society. The Stripe Auditorium, Winchester University, King Alfred Campus, Hampshire, United Kingdom. 18th June 2011, 9.15am to 1.30pm.
Invitation and application form

The 2nd International Scientific Congress "When an Object Turns to be a Subject - Transformative Dialogue and the 'Other'", sponsored by the Besod Siach and the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy, takes place from 15-17th July 2010 at Neve Ilan, Israel. It is a conference about conflict resolution in the light of late developments in psychoanalytic theory. Invitation and programme

The Israeli Institute of Group Analysis is planning to hold an international workshop for professionals from Israel and around the world on 5-8 March 2009, at Kibbutz Ein Gedi, ISRAEL, by the Dead Sea near Masada.

Psychoanalysis and Ideologies. 7th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium. 24-28 October 2008, Delphi, Greece. Scientific Programme.

The ISPS (International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses) organises a study day "voor(bij) de psychose" about early intervention in early psychosis.
Universitair Psychiatrisch Centrum K.U. Leuven, Campus Kortenberg, Belgium, Friday 10 october 2008.

La Céphéide organise les nouvelles rencontres Cinepsy sur le thème "Nouvelles scènes de la vie familiale" (new scenes of family life), 19 to 21 september 2008, Gaillac, France.

The Group Analytic Society, London, in co-operation with The Irish Group Analytic Society, supported by The Irish Institute of Group Analysis, organizes the 14th European Symposium in Group AnalysisDespair, Dialogue and Desire: the transformative power of the analytic group in the movement from despair to desire through dialogue. It takes place from 18-22 August 2008 at the University of Dublin Trinity College / Dublin / Ireland. Registration is open now.

3th International Congress of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis. Violence in contemporary couples and families. A challenge for family psychoanalysis. The congress is organized by the International Association of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis (IACFP). 24-26 July 2008, Barcelona, Spain. Information and registration either under or

The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbances. International conference, hosted by the Centre for Psychotherapy and the Northern Ireland Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in collaboration with other societies. From 26 to 27 June 2008, Belfast/Ireland. Programme and registration form.

The Centre For Emotional Development organises a conference with the title "How are you? Thinking about the development of health and illness behaviour in children." Brighton, 20th June 2008

4th annual conference of TAICP (Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis) "Flames from the Unconscious: Trauma, Madness and Faith" with Michael Eigen. 12-13th June 2008 at the Sharon Hotel, Herzlia / Israel. Programm and registration form.

The Melanie Klein Trust organizes a conference in honour of Dr Hanna Segal: "Working with phanstasy". 1 June 2008, Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London, U.K.

Sound Material in the Analytic Relationship. Workshop led by Suzanne Maiello. 29 April 2008, Jaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Construction en Psychanalyse. 68e Congrès des Psychanalystes de Langue Française. Organisé par La Société Psychanalytique Suisse (S.S.Psa) et la Société Psychanalytique de Paris (S.P.P.) avec la participation des Sociétés Psychanalytiques Belge, Canadienne, Espagnole, Hellénique, Israélienne, Italienne, Portugaise, des Associations Psychanalytiques de France, d'Italie et de Madrid et le concours de l'Association Psychanalytique Argentine et des Sociétés Brésiliennes de Porto Alegre (S.P.P.A.), Rio de Janeiro (Rio 2) et São Paulo. Jacques Press: Construction avec fin, construction sans fin; Michèle Bertrand: Construire un passé, inventer du possible? 1-4 may 2008, Geneva, Switzerland. Programme. Inscription.

Whither the Group Analysis? Annual Meeting of the Analytic Group Psychotherapy Section of DAGG - Wohin mit der Gruppenanalyse? Jahrestagung der Sektion Analytische Gruppenpsychotherapie der DAGG in Göttingen (Germany), 2nd - 4th May 2008. Further information available from Dr. Angelika Berghaus

The Shadow of Heritage. 21st Conference of the European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF) from 13th to 16th March 2008, Vienna, Austria.

Philosophical criticism of the concept of sexuality in psychoanalysis / Psychanalyse et philosophie: des liaisons dangereuses? Foundational meetings of the International Society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy. 5 and 6 march 2008, Leuven, Belgium and 7 and 8 march 2008, Paris, France.

Joseph Sandler Research Conference 2008. Early Development and its Disturbances. Psychoanalytic perspective on the development of ADHD and other psychopathologies. Friday 29th February to Sunday 2nd March 2008, Frankfurt, Germany. Programme and registration.

The Maudsley Psychotherapy Service at the Institute of Psychiatry organizes the conference "Why do Psychoanalysts insist on the Unconscious?". Saturday 9th February 2008 at Wolfson Lecture Theatre, London. Flyer and programme. For further information & booking form please follow this link.

International congress "Bion 2008". Second Thoughts: Funzione alfa e cambiamento catastrofico. Organized by the Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI) and the Italian Institution of Psychoanalysis of Group (IIPG). 31st January - 3rd February 2008, Rome / Italy. Programme and registration form. Further details under

3rd International conference of Psychotraumatology and Mediation. Pedocrimes: Care, Prevention & Justice. Organized by the CPM (Centre de Psychotraumatologie et de Médiation pilote). 1st - 3rd February 2008, University of Neuchâtel / Switzerland. Preliminary programme. Further details under

The Psychoanalysis Unit in association with The New Library of Psychoanalysis presents Sigmund Freud Today. Friday 8 to Sunday 10 December 2006, London. More informations either under or download the first announcement as pdf-file.

The 3rd Frances Tustin International Conference "Beyond Autistic Barriers: Treating and understanding" takes place in Venice / Italy from 13th - 15th October 2006. Programme and registration form are available.

Beyond the Crossroads. 5th International Conference on Early Psychosis. Organized by IEPA (Internationale Early Psychosis Association), 4th - 6th October 2006, Birmingham, UK

L'institution en héritage: transmissions, transformations. Colloque du CEFFRAP à Paris, France, le 7 octobre 2006.

History and Function of the Myth in the Psychoanalysis. Relation Between Mythology, Tragedy and Clinic. International Symposium organised by the Hellenic Society of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, 4th - 7th october 2006, Athens, Greece

Shaping the Future by Confronting the Past: Germans, Jews and Affected Others. Preliminary announcement for a working conference organized by the International Psychoanalytical Association and the OFEK (The Israel Association for the Study of Group an Organizational Procesess) to be held in Platres, Cyprus, from 6th - 11th September 2006.

2nd International Congress for Psychoanalytical Family Therapy will take place in Montreal, Canada (3rd - 6th August 2006). More informations under

The MELANIE KLEIN TRUST Conference on "Problems with 'Good Objects'" takes place at 27th June 2006 at London.

15th International Symposium for Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia and Other Psychosis. Global Views & Integrated Therapies. The different symposium themes will be very attractive for mental health professionals working in this field. 13th -16th June 2006, Madrid/Spain.

The Psychoanalysis Unit in association with The New Library of Psychoanalysis presents Donald Winnicott Today. Friday 9 to Sunday 11 June 2006, Cruciform Building, London. More informations either under or download the registration form.

A Lecture and Discussion event takes place with Paul Williams in Dublin on 20th May 2006 from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm. "The Worm that Flies in the Night". About the origins of generative thought, and how it can be destroyed, including by psychotic forms of thinking.

Freud's Screen Memories in the Light of the Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Neurosciences. Conference on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud's birth; main speakers: Marianne Leuzinger Bohleber, Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff, Haydée Faimberg, John Kafka, Mauro Mancia, Evelyne Sechaud, Sverre Varvin. 4th - 6th May 2006 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The 19th EPF Conference takes place at Athens, Greece from 6th - 9th of April 2006. The theme of this conference will be Psychic Transformations in the psychoanalytical Process.

European Conference "From Children to Parents: The impact of parental mental illness on their children". Organised by the Department of Child Psychiatry Athens University Medical School and the Hellenic Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Taking place at Athens/Greece, 23-25 September 2005. Conference languages: English and Greek. Informations, program and registration under Programm as pdf-file for download here.

5ième Colloque: Jeu et créativité en psychanalyse familiale. Organizé par la Société Française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique SFTFP. 15 et 16 octobre 2005 à Lille/France. Renseignements et inscriptions.

Reflecting on the Future of Psychoanalysis: Mentalization, internalization and representation. Conference with Otto Kernberg, Peter Fonagy, Glen Gabbard, Mary Target, et. al. September 16-17, New York, USA

44th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association IPA. "Trauma. New developments in Psychoanalysis". 28-31 July 2005, Rio de Janeiro.

Signs of Autism in Infants. Recognition & Early Intervention. Major National Conference with leading international experts. Taking Place from 11-12 July 2005 at the University College London. Programm as pdf-file for download here.

Psychiatrie, psychothérapie, psychanalyse. Quels enjeux pour les soins? Organisé par / organized by / ARPPE (Association de Recherche en Psychiatrie et Psychanalyse de l'Enfant). 28 – 29 mai/May 2005 à/at Metz, France. Renseignements / informations:

"Frances Tustin's Work": Under this title the FRANCES TUSTIN International Conference takes place at Caen/France from 15-16 April 2005. Organized by the FRANCES TUSTIN Memorial Trust together with other institutions. Programme and more informations in english...

"The Unconscious and its Dynamic. Theory: Philosophy - Psychoanalysis - Culture" (Das Unbewusste und seine Dynamik I. Theorie: Philosophie - Pschoanalyse - Kultur). Interdisciplinary congress taking place at Berlin from 11-13 March 2005 at the Lessing Hochschule Berlin. Programme and registration form for download

Changing Culture and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. The Third EFPP Conference on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for organizations of East and Central Europe. Organised by the Subcommittee for Central an Eastern European Countries of the EFPP, Estonian Psychoanalytical Society, Estonian Child Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Society and Estonian Analytic Society. Tallinn, Estonia, 28-29 January 2005. 1st announcement, call for papers, and registration form for download
2nd announcement and registration form for download
Final Program

Conference on bad objects and what we do with them. Organized by the Melanie Klein Trust (12th June 2004, London).

VII International Infant Observation Conference. Esther Bick's Method. Theme of the conference "Paths of growth: from the eyes to the mind." (16th-18th April 2004 at Florence, Italy).

International Journal of Psychoanalysis Conference. 'The Psychoanalyst At Work'. The conference is arranged in collaboration with The Editorial Board of the International Psychoanalytic Annual in Russian and The Han Groen-Prakken Psychoanalytic Institute for Eastern Europe (PIEE). (8th-9th May 2004 at Moscow, Russia).

First International Congress "Family Metamorphoses". Organized by the French Society for Psychoanalytic Family Therapy (Société Française de Thérapie Familiale Psychanalytique) (14th-16th May 2004 at Paris, France).

Journal of Child Psychotherapy. 40th Birthday Conference. Organized by the Association of Child Psychotherapists and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Child Psychotherapy (Saturday, 6 December 2003, London)

Reconciliation, Reform and Recovery - Creating a future for psychological interventions in psychosis. 14th International Symposium for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia and other Psychosis. (22nd-25th September 2003, Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia)

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in our Time. When, Where and for Whom? 5th EFPP conference of all three sections. (4th to 6th July 2003, Stockholm, Sweden)

Treatments in Adolescence: Developments in Clinical Work. 6th International Congress of ISAP International Society of Adolescence Psychiatry (June 26th to 29th 2003, Rome, Italy). Get more information by email from Mrs. Giovanna Montinari

Process or protocol. Politics are penetrating our forensic practice. Congres in Arnhem, The Netherlands, (24th to 27th April 2003) organized by the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy (IAFP)

I Disturbi della Personalità: Psicoterapia e Psicofarmalogia. Conference organised by I.R.E.P. Istituto di Ricerche Europee in Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica. (Montesilvano, Italy, May 22nd to 25th 2003)

Psicopatología, Arte, Técnica y Creatividad. VIII Jornada científico-cultural organised by the Asociación Española de Psicoterapia Psicoanalítica AEPP (May 31, 2003, Barcelona, Spain)

El psicoanálisis en tiempos de crisis. Second Congress of the Latinoamerican Federation of Schools of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (FLAPPSIP) (30th May to 1st June 2003, Buenos Aires /Argentine)

Melanconia e Perversione - Melancholia and Perversion. The group "Squiggle" organises a conference at Pisa, Sala convegni Santa Croce in Fossabanda, Piazza S. Croce, 5 - 56125 Pisa, Italy, 15th march 2003.

Psychoanalysis, research, practitioners - results, consequences, prospects. Research conference taking place at Basel/Switzerland on 29th march 2003.

Psychoanalytische Super-Vision. Einzelperspektive - Gruppenperspektive. Jahrestagung der drei Sektionen der EFPP Deutsche Schweiz. (October 26th, 2002, Stapferhaus auf Schloss Lenzburg, Switzerland)

The Future of Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Psychotherapy (PCFP) in EFPP. EFPP Conference about training standards and the organisational framework of PCFP. Invited are the delegates of EFPP and the delegates of National Organisations for PCFP (October 19th and 20th, 2002, Basel,Switzerland)

Generation of meaning in analytic experience: mystery, turbulence and passion. Encounter organised by the Psychoanalytic Group of Barcelona about the contributions of Donald Meltzer to psychoanalysis and a celebration of his 80th birthday. (18th to 20th october 2002, Barcelona, Spain)

The Second EFPP Conference for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Organisations of East and Central Europe organized by the EFPP Subcommittee for Central and Eastern European Countries and the Latvian Association for Psychotherapy. (September 27th and 28th 2002, in Riga, Latvia)

La psychothérapie avec fin - la psychothérapie sans fin. La question du temps en psychothérapie. 2ème congrès francophone. Sections enfants et adolescents, adultes, groupes (13th to 15th september 2002; Lausanne; Switzerland)

New Discoveries and Applications. 6th International Congress on Infant Observation According to the Method of Esther Bick. Centenary of Esther Bick's birth. (28th August - 1st September 2002, Kraków - Przemysl, Poland)

Terror, Trauma, Revenge and Repair: Reactions to September 11th 2001 and its aftermath. Psychoanalysis Unit Conference Programme (December 14th to 15th, London, United Kingdom)

une mère une terre une langue. L'exil et la perte de la langue maternelle. Colloque international de psychanalyse avec la collaboration de l'Institut Hongrois, MAGYart, Société Psychanalytique de Paris, le Quatrième Groupe OPLF, Délégation permanente de la Hongrie auprès de l'UNESCO (8th to 9th December 2001, Paris, France)

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy networks from Central and Eastern European countries. Conference organized by the EFPP Subcommittee for Central and Eastern European Countries and the Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy CSPAP (19th to 21st October 2001; Prague, Czech Republic). See various presentations from national networks as well as reports of the different sections on the conference.

Psychotic Child and adolescent and their family. 4th Congress of the Child and Adolescent Section (28th to 30th September 2001, Caen, France)

The Unconscious: mainstay of psychoanalysis. 4th International Cracow Psychoanalytical Symposium organized by The Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland, September 1st, 2001)

Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry Section (PIP). A Proposed New Section of the WPA. (London, July 12th, 2001)
informal meeting organised by the WPA, World Psychiatric Association. Speaker: Dr Kari Pylkkänen

Crossing the Divide
The 4th EFPP Adult Section Conference
(13th-15th October 2000; Nicosia, Cyprus)
The therapist's influence on the process and outcome of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Clinical & research findings


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