5th - 8th January 2005

33rd Winter Workshop (in English)
Group-Analytic Society (London) / Institute of Group Analysis (Budapest)

Body and/or Mind
In the light of neuro-science and in our experience
Who are sitting in the circle?

We are having our next Winter Workshop in Budapest, Hungary. As it happens, Hungary together with some other European countries joined the European Union in May 2004. This is going to be a welcoming event for every member of the new, enlarged circle of Group Analytic Society in the new, enlarged circle of Europe. The workshop will be in English.
Since neuro-science came to support the psycho-analytic view of human beings, we have a new, "enlarged" way of understanding ourselves. Now we can put group-analysis on a firm empirical footing. What does it mean to us in practical terms, and also in terms of theory? We have been talking about body language, and non-verbal communication, but now we have a chance to understand more how it all works, how it all fits together in a new embodied group-analytic approach? This is going to be workshop in the real sense, because nobody knows what conclusions we might come to. We bring together neuro-science, body language, non-verbal communication, body and mind in group-analytic work, by lectures, seminars and groups. This is going to be a chance to experience as well as to think.

The Workshop will start after lunch on the 5th , and will end at lunch time on the 8th.

Calling for papers, presentations, workshops
on neuro-science, body language, non-verbal communication.
Deadline by end of October.
Send drafts to:

Registration fee:

Western Europe: Eastern Europe:
Before November: Before November:
GAS members: 260 euros GAS members: 160 euros
Non GAS members: 300 euros Non GAS members: 200 euros
After November: After November:
GAS members: 300 euros GAS members: 200 euros
Non GAS members: 340 euros Non GAS members: 240 euros
The registration fee does not include accommodation. More information is available.

Registration and all enquiries to:
Application form by e-mail:

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