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Berman, A. (1999). Self-Envy and the Concealment of Inner Resources
Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related science 36: 203-214.

Self-envy refers to envy of one's own inner resources. This term is an adjunct to the psychodynamic understanding of developmental self arrest, defined as deliberate and defensive, impairment of one's own abilities and accomplishments and the concealment of inner resources. The article suggests possible explanations for the formation of self-envy, emphasizing the formation of envious object representations and the construction of a part of the personality based on these introjections. The effects of self-envy on patient therapist relations are also described; focusing on two particular manifestations: attachment to the therapist as a defense against self-envy and attacking the therapeutic contract as one of the patient's assets. Excerpts from a case study are included.

Dr. Avi Berman, Clinical Psychologist, Organizational Consultant, POB 1017 Ramat Hsharon Israel,

Dr. Avia Berman is Israeli delegate of EFPP group psychotherapy section.


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